Monday, 30 November 2009

Miracle Week

It;s been three months since a blog post - a sign of our times in that life has resummed it's busy pace after a year of Anita's treatment. The big issue is to try and not keep too busy! Anita is keeping well and her own hair continues to grow back. She currently looks like Annie Lennox!

There is always something happening in our family and the last week has provided another instalment. Last Tuesday Katie was rushing to care for Charis who had literally stopped breathing. Paramedics arrived and Charis was fine but Katie had hurt her knee and was taken to A & E. She came home with a suspected torn muscle and the anguish began as we thought through how support might work.

To cut a long story short, we went with some church friends to pray for Katie. As we prayed Katie felt heat going through her knee and after prayer, the swelling reduced and the splint used to help support her leg slipped down, finally removed by Scott. Katie stood up and said her leg felt better!! By the next day Katie was back driving and apart from some small bruises, her leg has been fine since. Katie is due back at hospital on Wednesday for a check up.

What can we say - apart from thank you God!? We pray for more stories like this in the coming days - there are many needs around us.

We are praying for God to completely heal and restore our friend, Karena. She has been unwell for a long time now and it would be SO good for God to touch and heal her soon.

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