Thursday, 4 February 2010

The year has started

It's February and although a month has gone already in 2010, it feels like the year has only just started. The snow brought everything to a halt - we spent eight hours in our car travelling back from Tesco in Reading just before Christmas!

Plans for our daughter Helen's wedding are gaining momentum as July will soon be here. All of our daughters will be married and caring for their own families. This week it was Katie's 30th birthday and this has made us reflect on how quickly life passes by. We put together a DVD of pictures of Katie's life so far and it was moving to watch our family pass through the many phases of life. Our eldest grandchild, Jamie was seven two weeks ago!
Anita's close friend Karena is living the last days of her life and we are amazed and moved by the incredible story her husband Craig is sharing via his blog most days. Their courage, faith and honesty are incredible - testament to our God who is literally pouring His strength into them. They live with the very real confidence that they have a hope that goes way past this life and into the next. Please pray for Craig, Karena and their lovely family.
Our lives in Britain are generally very individualistic. It's a great pity that it can take a crisis for us to really share our lives together.
A short update to keep in touch with whoever has the time to read our blog - sorry the messages are so infrequent these days!

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