Wednesday, 28 April 2010

California Dreams

After arriving in San Francisco on Monday with friends from another Reading Church, we checked in to a nice hotel on Union Square and spent a few hours trying to stay awake by travelling on the famous trams to Pier 39. Grabbed a bite to eat and headed back on what was a chilly evening.

The next couple of days proved to get colder - much colder, and very snowy! We drove east for about 200 miles to South Lake Tahoe, somewhere we visited in 2003 and loved. Our room is literally right on the lakeside and this picture is the view from our patio balcony doors.

We are in California to attend a leaders conference with 14 leaders from Reading - in Redding. Our children are at home looking after the dogs and we will be visiting Bethel Church in a day or two - depending on when the roads are cleared from the heavy snows.

We'll try to do a short update on how things are going.

Steve & Anita

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