Friday, 7 May 2010

Bethal Church. Wow!

What an amazing time we had together at the Leaders Advance at Bethel Church, Redding. The church is full of genuine joy and an incredible grace. There is a strong sense of fun and some serious encounters with the Holy Spirit. The teaching has been excellent and both leadership and ministry were modelled in ways that were very uplifting and encouraging, So many of the values we are seeking to establish at home in Reading are evident but with an experience of the Holy Spirit which is literally refreshing.
We are trusting for grace and sensitivity to digest what we heave heard and been impacted by and to outwork whatever we can with our dear friends at home. May God help us to live in the flow of all He has for us.
We have now moved on to beautiful Carmel by the Sea and looking forward to some holiday rest.
We are so grateful to God for provoking us to take this trip and for friends at home who are looking after things. God is still moving, despite such uncertainty around the world and not least at home after such a confusing election. May God bless us in the UK as we find our hope in Him and not our political leaders - we pray that they might have wisdom and insight.
PS The picture is of some of the Reading Leaders together with Bill Johnson, who so kindly gave us some of his valuable time, even after leading a full on conference!
Steve and Anita

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