Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Here one minute, gone the next

This is the cherry tree outside our house. For between four days and a week each spring the blossom is beautiful and when the sky is blue it provides an exceptionally wonderful sight. Then the wind blows and the blossom is gone until next year. A pity really as the tree is not great to look at without the blossom - for 51 weeks each year!
The winds of life blow against us and sometimes enforce sudden change and dramatic adjustment is required. This transition can involve loss, even mourning what was once there - and might even return in a later season. I always feel slightly sad when the blossom disappears because of the great contrast. One aspect of the illness that Anita is fighting is that it has brought sudden change into our lives. Change that requires adjustment and change that means understanding that it takes time to both deal with loss and to gently and carefully try to respond to needs in each other that have moved.
God's grace is amazing. It's what fuels His love for us all and we seem to be the recipients of His grace as we receive His comforting words deep into our hearts and spirits. It seems to take time for our emotions and physical bodies to catch up with where our inner person or our spirits get to as these are nourished by God's word.
Although we are involved as leaders in God's church we are very much concious of our humanity and frailty. We can only fight another day in His strength.
Today we are grateful for: Spring! That Anita is well enough to have gone with Beth and Emily to see Oliver at the theatre in London, as ever - our friends who are caring and loving relentlessly, God's grace.
Today we are praying for: Anita to gain strength ready for surgery next week, perfect love to cast out all fear, tiredness to lift from us both, God's blessing on everyone from our church who are involved in a marriage course away together next week

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