Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunny Day

What a fantastic day - the sun is still in the sky after all! Everything feels better when the sun is shining. We took this picture in Yosemite National Park whilst on sabbatical and on holiday traveling around the west coast of the U.S. The sun breaks through from behind one of the many pine trees and the scenery is breathtaking. we so loved enjoying this experience together during our 25th anniversary year.

Anita is picking up after a few days of being washed out and we are hoping for a good week. This last week we have been touched by the feedback of people who have read our recent update and the special picture of Anita that is in it. It reflects the reality of her life at present. Anita stayed at home this morning as I went to church. Church was both dynamic and encouraging as many shared honestly about their lives. We are in a significant place in our journey as a church together. Whilst we each may carry disappointments in life, God is our Father as He loves us profoundly.

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