Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Last side-effects!

It's the middle of the week and right on cue the side effects from Anita's last chemo treatment have resummed. She is coping well, not least because it's the last time she needs to suffer the effects of a sore and uncomfortable mouth, tired and aching body and an overwhelming feeling of tiredness generally. Her nails are also sore but she's looking forward to no longer wearing the black nail varnish that may seem glamorous but is effective in protecting her nails from falling out.

Earlier today, i (Steve) joined with the forty or so other leaders who meet weekly together to pray for God's blessing in and around Reading. It was a great time and Paul from Sonning Common shared a word for me and Anita about God's love dealing with any fear in our lives. Another encouragement at exactly the right time.

We were discouraged by last night's game as the Royals struggled to draw 2-2 with bottom club, Charlton. Not even the return of old boys Glen Little and Dave Kitson could help inspire us to a much needed home win. Still, Ipswich come to town on Saturday. . . . .

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