Friday, 13 March 2009

A New Bedroom

Anita told me that not many wives would wait 19 years to have their bedroom decorated! Today the builders have arrived to strengthen the floor of our bedroom as it sits on small ceiling joists that were never designed in the 1930's to carry the weight of bedroom furniture. We have had to wait (very patiently, Anita!) for this to be done before we can decorate. It seems that we have been able to do this at exactly the right time - Anita is slowly recovering from the effects of last Friday's last treatment. On April 3rd she will be having surgery and so we are hoping all will be complete when she returns from hospital.

Tonight I am taking my 3 son-in-laws and Giles out for a curry. We have three married daughters, Katie, Emily and Bethany, who's husbands are Scott, Carl and Jonny respectively, and our daughter, Helen has been going out with Giles for 2 years now. We have four beautiful grandchildren, Jamie, Ellis, Liam and Holly. Some recent exciting news is that Katie is pregnant with the baby due in September.
Today is Red Nose Day and at our church we are holding a special fun event tonight in aid of Comic Relief. I arrived at the church office today to find a Fiat Panda in our main hall so we are in for an interesting time. The football club are supplying a signed ball for us to auction and at the top of this post you can see a picture I took yesterday of Kevin Doyle signing a similar ball at the Training Ground.
Today we are grateful for: our builder starting work that should mean a nicer bedroom for Anita to recover in after the Op, for the many friends who have written and e-mailed lovely messages following Anita sharing at church last Sunday, for the strength God gives us to face and deal with the pressures of every day, life!
Today we are praying for: A friend who's son (37) is ill in hospital - we are praying for Andrew, Anita to recover quickly and to be able to enjoy the weekend and to gain strength for the surgery, for the Holy Spirit to protect the life of Katie and Scott's new baby, for Karena to experience God's healing.

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