Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Good to Go!

Well, not completely but radiotherapy is starting anyway next Wednesday 3rd June! We were at hospital for a couple of hours this morning and although Anita needed the Doctor to drain some fluid, she had her radiotherapy planning along with some very small tattoos which are used as accurate markers to direct treatment. Starting next Wednesday means radiotherapy will finish on Monday 29th June after the twelve cycles are complete. This is great as it means she will be finished a few days before Bethany's graduation at Reading University on Friday 3rd July. We are taking the family out for a meal after Beth's graduation so there will be plenty to celebrate.

Waiting for Anita this morning was quite an education. In the waiting area in the Radiotherapy Clinic there were several ladies, each of whom who are travelling a similar journey to Anita. One of these has had a particularly difficult time and she could not complete her chemotherapy. This lady led a series of funny stories and another woman who was just waiting for her mother who was having treatment, commented on the humour that was floating around the room. It struck me as amazing that even in the most difficult times, humour and fun have such a key part to play in helping people deal with pain and suffering. I realised I was sitting in a world that up to 10 months ago, I didn't realise existed. You can't help but be moved as you sit among the suffering.

Last Sunday at Brookside, Bart was speaking and talked about the "mystery of suffering" and how we cannot mature 'in God' without some knowledge of suffering. You can hear his talk at

This time last year we were planning a trip to Ecuador and had no idea where we would find ourselves a year on. It's just as well we don't know what's around the corner but it doesn't half help to have a relationship with God that helps to keep you in a place of reasonable peace and security.

Today we are grateful for:
  • The start of the last leg of the journey - last August it felt like it would never end
  • The good health (!) Anita has experienced along the way when it could have been really difficult
  • I (Steve) have been amazed at how Anita has dealt with everything. She has been amazing and a very special wife.
  • For friends, forever friends who have literally been journeying with us and for our family who have rallied and demonstrated love and care.

Today we are praying for:

  • Kelly's daughter who has been poorly and having convulsions
  • Anita to cope well with radiotherapy and for it's success in finally hammering any issues invisible to the human eye or technology
  • Anita's friends Karena and Jo who are beating cancer with prayer and treatment
  • Katie's body to work well in enabling the baby to grow and develop in the womb

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