Monday, 18 May 2009

Radiotherapy delayed

We had our weekly visit to the hospital today. Anita was due to have her radiotherapy planning session. Unfortunately due to the fluid not completely going and the radiotherapy simulation machine being out of action, the planning could not take place and should now happen Tuesday 26th May or even the week after. After initial disappointment, we realise that four weeks after surgery is still very early to commence radiotherapy. Six weeks is nearer the norm. So hey ho!!

We went shopping instead!!

That's all to report at the mo, so we are going to watch a film and veg out for a couple of hours with a glass of wine.

We are grateful for:
  • Living so close to the Royal Berkshire Hospital
  • Scott's new job - he started today

We are praying for:

  • The fluid to go and no more seroma clinic's needles
  • Katie to continue to keep free of contractions and the baby's health
  • Sleep, and more sleep!

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Steve and Anita said...

What a fantastic blog - well done"