Wednesday, 17 June 2009

On the Home Stretch!

At last we are on the home run - today Anita had her 7th radiotherapy session and 29th June is in sight, the date of the last treatment. After a difficult start each treatment is now straight forward and usually Anita is not in hospital for very long. Exercises are tough and somewhat painful but Anita does really well.

Beth and Jonny have just got back from a holiday in the U.S. and Beth has found out she has passed her degree. Beth will find out her grade a week on Friday. All her hard work has paid off and we are very proud of Beth's achievement.

I have just got back from two days at a "Learning Community" with St Andrews Church in Chorleywood. Linda and Ben from our leadership team at church were with me as we explored and planned for developing the exciting vision for Mission Communities. The stories were really encouraging from the five other churches represented and although we have come home tired, we are also very motivated and inspired to work this out at Brookside.

We have also been excitedly thinking about Helen and Giles' wedding next Summer, helping to explore their options for the reception.

Things we are grateful for:
  • Anita's strength and relative well-being during radiotherapy
  • Beth's hard work paying off and a job to go to in July
  • The prospect of another family wedding next year!
  • Generous churches such as St Andrews in Chorleywood

Things we are praying for:

  • Anita to finish her treatment well and everything to have worked to plan
  • Energy and rest - or is it rest and energy!?
  • Families and marriages to be blessed

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