Wednesday, 8 April 2009


In the midst of roller-coaster lives we are thrilled to announce that our third daughter Helen has got engaged to Giles and they plan to marry at the end of summer 2010. Giles proposed the "proper" way by asking us back in January and we managed to keep the exciting news quiet as Helen didn't know he was going to ask her when he took her to London last Saturday evening. It's great to have another special day to look forward to and this Thursday evening both families are getting together at ours for a meal and celebration.

Anita is doing well and busy preparing for tomorrow's celebrations. The hot sweats are ongoing and it would be such a blessing for these to ease up. It would also be good if the arm Anita took all the chemo injections in could recover more prior to surgery next week. This causes her arm to ache somewhat. Our builders are due back soon to finish our bedroom and so we are hoping to be back in there soon after the Op.

It's Easter week and we are remembering and celebrating the the greatest moment in history - grateful for such an amazing act of grace. Jesus died for us to live, giving us a hope and a future beyond this life.

Things we are grateful for: Helen and Giles engagement and looking forward to a more complete family for her boys.Sunshine. Scott (Katie's husband) has got a new job working in Slough after experiencing redundancy last week, God is good - all of the time!

Things we are praying for: God's blessing on Helen and Giles as their relationship goes to another level. Anita to sleep well and protection over her health ready for next week. For the impact of the Easter story to touch lives and bring hope - and for the Easter Children's Club that started today at Brookside with lots of children coming.

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