Thursday, 23 April 2009

Keeping Perspective

Who would wished to have swapped places with the Chancellor yesterday? Not easy to prepare and present a budget in the current economic climate. He was always on a hiding to nothing. We must pray for our government. Yesterday we went out for lunch and a walk with some close friends and wandered through Ipsden Woods looking for the amazing carpet of bluebells that can be found this time of year.

Our friends were looking to capture some stunning photographs and we had to wait for the sun to break through the clouds and burst between the trees. As this happened the change in perspective was amazing, the colours sprang into life in a new way and it was a "good to be alive moment." As we walked back to the car we talked about the economy and how fast things are changing and the impact on our culture which has become so consummerist. It's only when big, usually shocking things happen, that we are jolted to re-think our lives, priorities and values. Some good will inevitably come from the current recession. Another friend of mine has been reviewing his life and wants to spend time working and serving in areas that really count rather than staying in the rat race of life. These are defining times and although pressures might be great, we can find new and fresh purpose - especially if we are secure in knowing our Father, God's love for us.

A few weeks ago we produced a Spring Update and as I have not yet discovered how, or if I can create a hyperlink to it, the only way we can make it available to those who have not seen it but who would like a copy is if you e-mail and ask. I will then forward it as requested.

We took the picture above whilst we were away in Wales a few weeks ago. It took great timing to set up the camera on the bonnet of our car and then to run and pose. You would never know this action had happened seconds before this picture was produced. None of us really knows what's really going on in and around each others lives and what we present can be so different to reality. thank goodness for friends with whom we can be real and yet still loved.

Today we are grateful for:

  • The slow recovery process that Anita's body is going through
  • The sun that brings to life God's creation in beautiful ways
  • Perspective that so often comes through relationships
  • A new bedroom which is nearly ready - we've been saying this for a few days now!

Today we are praying for:

  • Karena who is having an operation at the RBH today. praying for her, Craig & family
  • Jo who will be having some chemotherapy. Praying for her and her family
  • Sleep! One of the hardest parts of the last eight months is sleep depravation.

Thankyou everyone for your love, care, generosity and prayers!!

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