Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It's gone!

Today we heard the news that we have been hoping and praying for. Anita's consultant surgeon told us that the remaining nine lymph glands removed during her recent surgery are cancer free! The chemotherapy did what it was supposed to do and we are very relieved and grateful for the wonderful news.

After letting family and friends know by the wonders of texting, our mobile telephones have been very hot during today. We have received lots of lovely messages celebrating the news.

The next climb involves radiotherapy, probably starting at the end of May. It's been 37 weeks since the original diagnosis and at last we are reaching towards the finish of intensive treatment. What seemed a journey that would last forever now feels somewhat different. Anita still has quite a bit of pain and discomfort from the operation and so we would still really appreciate prayers for healing to continue at a good pace.

We were both able to attend most of an exciting and encouraging two-day conference hosted by Reading Christian Network. Bill Johnson and his team from Bethel Church in Redding, California brought teaching and inspiration to many hundreds of Christians from across the Reading area and there were lots of stories of people being healed.

We are also very happy about two nights of great football results - the super Royals beat Norwich 2-0 to keep their automatic promotion hopes very much alive. Tonight Chelsea did what no other team has done this season by not conceding a goal in Barcelona, drawing 0-0.

Today we are grateful for:
  • Obviously the news above . . . . . .cancer has gone!
  • Lunch out together to celebrate
  • Our son-in-law was offered a job in Reading
  • Bill Johnson and the grace and insights he brought to us all in Reading

Today we are praying for:

  • Pain to go and more sleep!
  • Karena and Jo and their families
  • Terese to recover quickly

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