Tuesday, 5 May 2009

KT Update

Thanks to those who are praying for Katie. The contractions stopped early yesterday morning and baby's as lively as ever! Katie is exhausted now and is being sick because of the medication she has been on. The Doctors are keeping her in hospital for another night tonight and our prayers and hopes are that she will quickly gain strength. It's also been very tiring for Scott as he looks after Holly and is backwards and forwards into hospital.

We have reflected on Katie's pregnancy with Holly and in many ways this was tough, right from conception. We are continuing to pray for protection for the whole family and that the contractions don't happen again until full-term and the best time for baby to come.

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katie said...

Thought I would be the first to leave a comment on here ! Thank you to the people who prayed for my contractions to stop, we are very grateful. Doctors said it was a miracle that the baby wasn't born over that weekend and at one point were preparing me and Scott for the possible arrival of our baby that definitely would not be strong enough to live. It was a very traumatic experience but at the same time Scott had a real sense of peace that the baby would be fine.
I have had no more contractions since coming out of hospital and the baby is fine !